A reminder to all PEIFA members to complete the important survey that is currently on the PEIFA website. All replies are strictly confidential. This is an important opportunity to weigh in on the important and current issues affecting our fishery. 

To the PEIFA Membership,

For over four years the PEIFA has been part of the Coalition of Atlantic and Quebec Fishing Organizations that includes the Gulf Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board, the Maritime Fishermen’s Union and the RPPSG in the Gaspé Region of Quebec.

Our Coalition has been focussed on ensuring that additional First Nations access to the fishery aligns with the group’s core principles of: 

1. One license in one license out in terms of additional resource access

2. Fishing of the same DFO designated seasons

3. One set of resource management rules for all Harvesters

4. Consistent DFO enforcement for any infractions of the Fisheries Act

 The Coalition has developed the following poll to get valuable membership feedback on this important topic.

Please click here for  English

Please click here for French

We would encourage you to complete the survey and have your thoughts and positions recorded. The poll results will be shared with elected Federal MPs and Provincial MLAs throughout the Gulf region.