"The GO LOBTSER Festival is a great way for people to experience the delicious taste of PEI lobster and learn more about our fishery.

GO LOBSTER is a great local initiative which compliments current marketing efforts on a regional, Canadian and global scale.

The GO LOBSTER Festival is a lobster season kick off for other PEIFA sponsored events such as Lobster Party on the Beach, which will be expanded to two days this year, and our new head sponsorship of the Feast and Frolic Dinner at this year’s Shellfish Festival.

In addition, our new fisher owned Master Lobster brand is taking our great PEI lobster to new customers in Europe and China. 
GO LOBSTER is a great way for local restaurants to showcase different lobster dishes, recipes and preparation techniques.

We are pleased that our plants and food service suppliers are developing new and more convenient ways in which to prepare and eat lobster.

On behalf of the PEIFA we wish the GO LOBSTER Festival increased success in 2015 and applaud their efforts in promoting our World Class PEI lobster.”