The PEI Fishermen’s Association will be submitting a bid on 1 Captain/vessel/crew to participate in the annual scallop survey in SFA 22 & 24.   As part of this process, the PEIFA are seeking one (1) PEI Scallop Area 22 or 24 license holder interested and qualified to charter their fishing vessel (as well as two qualified crew) for the inshore scallop assessment survey in the Northumberland Strait.  The survey is a continuation of the same protocols utilized by DFO science vessels in the past.  The survey uses a scallop drag to sample approx. 123 predetermined stations over a 14-day period beginning on or around October 10th, 2021.  DFO scientists and technicians will be onboard the vessel during the survey and coordinate daily sampling activities.  The purpose is to evaluate the abundance, size and age composition, condition and spatial distribution of scallops as well as data on the other species captured.  Data obtained from the surveys are the source of fishery independent data for the scallop stock assessment and advice.  There will be no landed catch in this project and all species brought up in the buckets/drag will be returned to the water in a manner that causes the least harm. 

A registration and draw will be administered by the PEIFA to determine the participant.

Registration Dates:                Monday, July 19th until 4:30PM, Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Fee:                                         No fee for registration

How to Register:       Fishers can register online at by clicking ‘Registrations & renewals’ tab then the ‘Scallop Science Survey Registration’ link or contact the PEIFA office to register by phone or in person. 

Required Information:   Fisher’s name, phone #, FIN #, homeport, vessel name, VRN#, Scallop license #.   


·   The participating Captain must be a licensed SFA 22 or 24 fish harvester and active in the scallop fishery a minimum of 1 season (with optimum experience of 5 years or more considered an asset).  A minimum of 1 year experience fishing in the Northumberland Strait is required (with optimum experience of 5 years or more considered an asset).  Captain and/or crew experience in scientific sampling projects considered an asset as well.

·   Captains will need to provide a copy of their vessel registration and photos of various safety equipment on board, as well as photos of deckspace, dumping station, winch and washroom facility.  The vessel must have a stable 120 V AC power supply circuit or equivalent to operate scientific equipment.

· Captains will need to provide a copy of their MED-A1 (or DVS) certification, as will both crew members.  Proof of insurance (and liability) for the Vessel is also required.

The Draw will be held Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 after the completion of the Registration at 4:30PM.

Interested individuals can find details about the Captain’s responsibilities, project protocol and required documentation via the website,  or contact Laura Ramsay @ 902-393-2281.

DISCLAIMER: The contract for the survey participant is dependent on the successful bid application competition and approval by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans through the Procurement process.  The PEIFA anticipate official notification of the status of the contract in early August.


 To review a list of mandatory requirements, click the following link: captain and vessel requirements - 2021 SFA 22 AND 24 SCALLOP SCIENCE SURVEY.pdf

 To review a list of the protocol for the research, click the following link: - SFA 22 and 24 Scallop Science Survey - July 2021.pdf