Dynamometers available for trial at the PEIFA

The PEIFA has been successful in accessing funds to purchase several dynamometers for our members to trial to determine the maximum weight on your buoy line at any given time.

Dynamometers take the weight of your line so we can get an actual maximum weight while you’re hauling. There are data sheets that will need to be filled out if you trial. We are asking that you record 10 hauls on 6 days (3 calm days less than 10 knots and 3 rough days over 15 knots). Your vessel will require a hanging block to install the dynamometer.

The PEIFA can ship the dynamometers right to your house free of charge. For more information, please contact Melanie Giffin at (902) 566-4050 Ex. 5 or Jennifer Dewland at (902) 566-4050 Ex. 3.