The Canadian Fisheries Research Network is in it's 4th year of a 5 year funding program. Some projects are geared towards Lobster research, marine mammal impacts, and many more. 

Check out the PEIFA Members only section for a preview of Rachel Neuonhoff's research on Impacts of seal predation in Atlantic Canada.  

To view the project descriptions click the following link:

Project 1.1 Enhanced fisheries knowledge for an evolving management regime
Project 1.2 Metapopulation dynamics, management areas and biological units of lobster in eastern Canada
Project 1.3 Factors influencing recruitment and early life survival of lobsters
Project 1.4 Effects of socio-ecological complexity on dynamics of harvested fish stocks
Project 2.1 Evaluating strategies to reduce energy dependence and greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian fisheries
Project 2.2 Reducing seabed impacts of mobile fishing gears
Project 3.1 Fishery closures in ecosystem-based fisheries management
Project 3.2 Assessing the impact of marine mammals on the recovery of salmon, rockfish, herring and cod
Project 3.3a Applying management strategy evaluation to identify economically viable harvesting options for the B.C. small boats groundfish fleet
Project 3.3b Evaluating the impacts of current and alternative harvesting strategies on Skeena River salmon populations and fishing fleets
Project 3.3c Developing tools and experiments to evaluate impacts of current and alternative fisheries management plans and spatial zoning on Hecate Strait Crab Fisheries
Project 3.3d Developing management procedures robust to variability in stock productivity arising through trophic interactions and persistent environmental changes
Project 3.3e Developing in-season management methods for spatially complex mixed-stock fisheries with focus on the West Coast Vancouver Island salmon troll fishery