Are you considering the purchase of a new fishing boat engine?

Are you interested in potentially reducing fuel consumption or emissions from your vessel?

If so, we want to help make that happen.

The PEIFA, with cost shared funding provided by the Atlantic Fisheries Fund, is seeking INSHORE FISHING BOATS to participate in a pilot project testing alternative marine propulsions systems.

Project testing will feature project approved systems that are hybrid or alternative fuel options other than diesel only engines.

Cost sharing will be available to assist in the purchase, installation and operation of these propulsion systems. Participants may retain the propulsion systems after the completion of the project trial period.


Funding for alternative systems has been allocated, with a preference to trial 3 systems in each of the three areas - LFA 24, 25 and 26A on Prince Edward Island.

Selected vessels that meet program criteria will participate in a 2-year pilot program where technologies will be trialed and evaluated during commercial fishing seasons.

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds LFA engine allocation funding, a selection process based on program criteria will be conducted with oversight by the PEIFA Board of Directors.

Program evaluation will include the assessment of fuel and energy use, an estimate of greenhouse gas emissions and overall operating costs which will include a cost benefit analysis.

If you are interested in participating in these trails and would like more information, please contact: Ian MacPherson at ian@peifa.org or (902) 394-0457 by October 30th 2022.