Notice to PEI LFA 25 Fish Harvesters 


The PEIFA is seeking up to 6 Captains (and Vessels) for the 2022 PEI LFA 25 Post-Season Gear Retrieval Program  


 Duties include assisting in the gear retrieval activities in priority areas within LFA 25. Participants will use their own personal grapnelling equipment for the purpose of locating lost fishing gear.  Captains will be given a section 52 permit, which will allow lost gear to be taken onboard and moved to designated wharves and secure storage.  Gear retrieval will take place between October 14th-17th. Captains will need to sign a contract with the PEIFA and provide proof of marine insurance.  Two crew members will also be required per vessel.  Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) equipment may also be trialed on board participants vessels during gear retrieval activities.  Captains will be required to fill out basic logsheet information for each trip and the gear found. 


Registration Dates:    Monday, September 26th to 4:30PM to Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Fee:                                No fee to register

How to Register:         Online or by phone. Online link is and

click the tab ‘LFA 25 Gear Retrieval Project’ to enter registration info. To

register by phone call the PEIFA @ 902-566-4050.

DRAW:                         A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more than 6 persons apply


For more details on the requirements of the project visit or contact Jennifer Dewland at 902-566-4060 Ext: #3 or Laura Ramsay at 902-393-2281. 




The following are a list of details/qualifications for the participants:

·      The goal of the project is to perform a focused grapnel survey of priority areas for the purpose of retrieving lost, abandoned, and discarded fishing gear in PEI coastal environments after the fall lobster fishing season.  Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) equipment may also be trialed during gear retrieval activities.

·      Locations of retrievals can be seen in the map below but priority areas will be the two lines (LFA 25/24/23, and LFA 25/26A)

·      Fisher must be reliable, experienced in towing gear

·      Fisher must be available for 2-4 best weather days between October 14th – 17th, 2022

·      Vessel needs to meet all standard Transport Canada requirements

·      The Captain requires third party liability insurance on his vessel (in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence on his vessel)

·      The vessel is attached to the license and must remain the same for the duration of the project – the fisher cannot be active in any fisheries during the retrieval dates

·      The Captain will be required to sign a contract with the PEIFA (agreeing to the protocol, rate of pay and insurance)

·      Captains will need to provide at least 2 crew members, always ensuring the safety of all those on board.

·      Captain must be willing to work closely with project staff including providing valuable feedback and troubleshooting throughout the project.  A basic logsheet will need to be filled out for each trip.

·      A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more than 6 persons apply

·      A per hour rate will be paid for services under this project with the aim of 10-12 hour days.