Apply for Future Fisher Program

If you are a licensed lobster fisher in Prince Edward Island or are working towards ownership of a lobster fleet, you may be eligible for support through the Future Fisher Program. This program offers mentoring, training and financial assistance to assist inexperienced fishers to become better positioned for success in the PEI lobster fishery.
To participate in the Future Fisher program you must:
Be a resident of PEI, age 18 years or older
Have purchased a class ‘A’ lobster licence, after January 1, 2009
Hold the licence, or working towards ownership of a lobster fishing license within three years of the application. (One applicant per fleet only.)
If you do not own a core lobster fishing license, but are working towards ownership within three years, you may enter the program and receive funding for training but not for interest relief. Interest relief will not be retro paid.
Contact Future Fisher Program Officer Michelle Hewitt at 1 902-838-0819 for more details.

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