as per DFO contract


Contract Area of Operation

The work will be conducted in LFA 25, in the southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence (see figure 1). The work will be completed as day trips. The berthing port for loading and unloading the vessel at the beginning and at the end of each day and at the end of this project will be in Miminegash PEI or Howard’s Cove, PEI, as suits the contractor.

Work Requirements

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada requires the Contractor to provide the following:


·      Complete up to five days of rock crab trap fishing at up to 24 pre-determined sampling stations, over a five day period. A maximum of 24 sampling stations will be predetermined and presented to the Contractor prior to the survey by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). The number of fishing days will be weather dependent, and determined by the chief scientist in consultation with the captain.

·      On the first day of work, deploy one scientific rock crab trap, rope and buoys at each predetermined station according to the rock crab trap survey protocol.

·      On up to three subsequent days of work, retrieve, empty and re-deploy the traps in the same location.

·      On the last day of work, retrieve and empty the traps.


·      The traps will be the same size as standard commercial rock crab traps but will have a smaller mesh and no escape. The traps will be provided by DFO.

·      At-sea activities include trap-fishing, biological measurements of captured rock crab of all sizes and of by-catch species (sorting, counting and total weight of by-catch species or species group).

·      Personnel (one captain and at least two (2) crew members) must be qualified and experienced at deploying and retrieving rock crab traps and must assist DFO scientific representatives. At least one (1) member of the crew must be available to assist the DFO representatives when measuring crab and when collecting biological and physical data for the entire duration of the survey.

·      The scientific authority from DFO on board can collect and conserve rock crabs, as well as other marine species, for biological studies.

Vessel Requirements

·      The contractor shall ensure that the vessel is seaworthy, the main engine, equipment and fishing gear are in good operating condition. The vessel must have sufficient room for the work planned nd be equipped with adequate mechanical and electronic navigation equipment as well as the survival equipment set out in the Canada Shipping Act.

·      Maintain, throughout the contract period, all certificates, lifesaving equipment and apparatus as required by The Canada Shipping Act and pursuant regulations.

·      The vessel will provide fuel for trips.

·      The vessel and crew will be ready on twenty four (24) hours’ notice within the contract period.


Note: a visit of the vessel by DFO scientific members could take place if deemed necessary.

Master and Crew Requirements

·      A captain and at least two (2) qualified and experienced crew members will be required during the entire study who are able to assist DFO scientific personnel during sampling and data collection. DFO representatives should not be included when determining crew requirements.

·      The crew and captain will be able to repair traps on board the vessel and at the wharf (repair materials will be provided by DFO). These crew members must be available for the entire survey. If the contractor is unable to provide the services of any specific individual identified in the contract, it must provide a replacement with similar qualifications and experience and give a minimum 2 week notice to the contracting authority with proof of equivalency.