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FYI - Registration opens online on Monday, June 22nd at NOON!  Closes 4:30PM June 29th sharp! 


Notice to Atlantic Halibut Fish Harvesters

Fixed Gear less than 13.1716 (45 feet), PEI Fleet


            The Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) will be announcing the details of the 2020 commercial PEI Atlantic Halibut fishery soon and have advised that 65 tonnes of halibut will be available to PEI. The anticipated management plan will be based on individual catch limits for each PEI groundfish harvester who registers for the fisheryNot registering or participating in the 2020 halibut fishery will not prevent an eligible harvester from participating in this fishery in future years. The season could potentially open as early as July 15th, 2020 but confirmation by DFO on season dates is anticipated soon.  Management measures, and season duration are expected to be similar to last year.  Fishers are required to register for the 2020 PEI Commercial Halibut fishery with the PEI Fishermen’s Association during the one-week online registration period.




Registration Dates:           Noon Monday, June 22nd until 4:30PM, Monday, June 29th, 2020

Fee:                                        $250.00 including HST. The fee covers fleet observer coverage and contribution towards groundfish fleet improvement activities.

Payment Method:              Online payment with credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  Contact            

                                           the PEIFA Office if you require another method for payment. 

How to Register:                Fishers can register online or by phone.  Clicking the ‘PEI Halibut Fishery Registration’ link at the website will allow for registration followed by payment. 

Required Information:      Fishers name (and company name if applicable), phone #, FIN #, homeport, vessel name, VRN#, Groundfish license #.  Additional info required for at-sea observer vessel safety include:  # of persons on board including Captain, # of inflatable life rafts onboard (and # persons raft is capable of accommodating), # of life rafts other than inflatable, # of life jackets onboard.


Registrations after 4:30PM, Monday, June 29th will NOT be accepted 


There will be NO REFUNDS on Registration Fees


The list of registered fishers will be submitted to DFO and the fishery will open via variation order for those fishers. The number of registered fishers is important to determine the individual catch limit per fisher for the 2020 PEI Commercial halibut fishery only. 


For further information on the registration contact the PEIFA at 902-566-4050.  A copy of the 2020 Halibut Conservation Harvesting Plan will be posted on the website at when DFO makes this information available.  For information on the management plan, contact Ben Moore, DFO Chief Resource Manager at .

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