PEI 2013 Tuna Reallocation update 

~ October 1st, 2013 ~

The DFO had a conference call this morning with members of the PEIFATAB to review the seasonal landings between July 15-Sept 30, 2013. The Dockside Monitoring Reports indicated that 356 tuna were reported as landed with a total weight of 107.6823mt of a 125.979mt PEI fleet allocation. There was agreement to use the seasonal average of 302kgs per fish to determine that approximately 51 more commercial tuna tags may be re-allocated to a pre-approved list of harvesters submitted to DFO by the PEIFATAB. This number represents approximately 90% of the commercial harvest expected to be captured before Oct 18th according to our CHP. The harvest numbers will be monitored closely for future re-adjustment.  For more info, contact Colin MacIsaac 566-7815 or Pierre Mallet 506-851-7792.  

A list of the #1-100 are posted on the September 19th News posting of the peifa website.  

The opening for the reallocation is 5AM, Friday, October 4th, 2013.