CBC - Lobster industry must reduce on its own, says Shea

Taxpayers should not have to fund another lobster licence buyout, says federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea.

Gail Shea - Custom
Some areas have successfully reduced lobster fishing capacity on their own, says federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea. (CBC)

"A few years back we committed $65 million to the Atlantic lobster sustainability measures program," said Shea.

"There has been a number of success stories of course that has come out of there. But this time around we don't feel that taxpayers should have to fund it."

Shea said industry associations have their own fish quotas that were provided to help rationalize fleets. She noted that in Newfoundland the industry has had success in reducing its own capacity.

Ottawa will continue to work with the lobster industry on a number of other measures, she said, such as providing clear "rules of the road" when considering fisheries management changes, and helping to develop a modern data collection system.

Shea is currently attending Seafood Expo North America in Boston. She has been speaking with Canadian industry representatives there, and said there is a lot of optimism about the impact of trade agreements with Europe and South Korea.