Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) is chairing the Green Crab Advisory Committee Meeting on January 6th, 2015 at DFO Office in Charlottetown at 1pm.  

For more information, please contact Chair Kim Hill (DFO Resource Manager) at 902-566-7933 or email

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April 14, 2015
Groundfish Advisory Committee Meeting
The Groundfish Advisory Committee will meet in Charlottetown on April 14th, 2015 see more

April 13, 2015
Lobster Quality & Handling Info Sessions
PEI Lobster Quality & Handling Info Sessions - open to all who handle lobster Next session: April 13 see more

April 9, 2015
Northumberland Strait Environmental Monitoring Program - AGM - Moncton
The Northumberland Strait Environmental Monitoring Program AGM - April 9 in Moncton, NB see more

March 30, 2015
PEI Estuarial Advisory Committee Meeting
Estuarial Advisory Committee meeting March 30th - covers Eel, Smelt, Gasperaux & Silversides see more

March 5, 2015
TUNA: Island wide Tuna Meetings March 5 & 6
Notice to PEI tuna fishers - March 5 & 6th PEIFA Tuna Advisory collecting feedback for 2015 planning see more

February 27, 2015
PEIFA Annual General Meeting
see more

February 19, 2015
The Fishermen and Scientists Research Society's annual conference
see more

February 10, 2015
Scallop Meeting SFA 23
see more

January 19, 2015
Information Meetings - PEI Lobster Marketing Board
see more

January 15, 2015
HFA 16G Herring AGM
see more