Notice to 2017 PEI Halibut Fish Harvesters

             In an effort to capture the remaining 2017 PEI Halibut quota, the PEI Fishermen’s Association will be administering a registration and draw for those fishers with continued interest in fishing halibut.  The individual catch limit will remain 182 kg for those taking part in the fishery.  Those eligible to enter the fishery must have participated in the previous 2017 halibut fishery (July 19h– September 14th) and are able to provide a hail out AND hail in number.  There is no fee for this registration.  If the number of registrants exceeds the available quota a draw will proceed.


Details of Registration:

Date/Time:  8:30AM - 4:30PM, September 18th, 19th and 20th with draw to follow.

Location:  420 University Avenue, Farm Centre, Charlottetown

Required Info: Fishers can register in person, or by phone.


Registrations after 4:30PM, September 20th will NOT be accepted.


The list of harvesters will be submitted to The Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) and will be subject to confirmation and approval by DFO. 

 If, after September 14th, the total catch is over 90% of the quota, the objective will be considered to have been reached and the fishery will not reopen. In such a situation DFO Gulf Region will support a request to carry-forward the remaining fleet quota into the 2018 fishing year.  If, after the prescribed period, the 90% threshold has not been harvested, a second fishing period from September 26th  to September 28, 2017 will occur.The number of participants will be determined by the amount of remaining quota. After September 28th, 2017 if the 90% threshold has not been harvested, a third fishing period may occur.   The number of participants will be determined by the amount of quota remaining and the next participants on the rotating list will be contacted to take part. This methodology will continue until the 90% threshold is met.

For more info on the registration contact the PEIFA @ 902-566-4050 or visit  Results of the draw will also be posted on the website asap.