The PEIFA have been advised by local Department of Fisheries & Oceans that as per regulation and licence conditions this 2018 Spring herring fishery is open. 

DFO has also notified the FA that there will be a rollover of the 2017 spring herring management plan for HFA 16 C&E.  This includes a 100 ton cap until April 23rd, 2018.  Thus if 100 ton is landed before the 23rd, the fishery will shut down and reopen on April 23rd for the remainder of the interim quota.  DFO has advised that a notice to fishers on the 2018 management measures will be published shortly. 

Below is the link to the DFO Notice to Fish Harvesters announcing the Spring Herring Interim Total Allowable Catch (TAC).  

For more information, please contact  

Ben Moore

A/Chief Resource Management, PEI Area Office, Gulf Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Office – (902) 566-7844


Notice to Fishers - Interim Spring Herring TAC