·        Questionnaires were reviewed on December 2nd, 2019 by 8 scrutineers at the Farm Centre, Charlottetown.


·        210 returned questionnaires out of a total of 356 LFA 26A commercial lobster license holders. This equates to an 59% return rate.  Of the 210, there was 1 spoiled ballot.



The following were the results:

1. Do you support future minimum lobster carapace size increases in LFA 26A?

  •   72  NO  (34.3%)
  • 137  YES (65.2%)
  •    1   SPOILED (0.5%)

As stated previously in the questionnaire and in consideration that the results support a yes vote to move ahead with a carapace size increase plan; the Advisory Committee will now draft management plan options for your consideration in another more detailed questionnaire. 

Any suggestions on the type/timeframe of increase that interests you, please reach out to your local LFA 26A lobster Advisory Committee representative with your feedback.  The Advisory Committee will meet early in the new year to develop options for your consideration.

The PEIFA LFA 26A Lobster Advisory Committee would like to thank all lobster license holders for their valuable input.