Proceedings for upcoming discussion on opening date for spring lobster fishery: 

 As per usual, the PEIFA will be discussing ice/weather conditions with DFO ahead of the 2015 Spring lobster season opening.  This is an annual call that is chaired by DF0 and typically includes our 3 LFA 24 representatives (Chair, co-Chairs) and 3 LFA 26A reps (Chair & 2 reps).  We anticipate this call to be on Monday morning, April 27thbut it is yet to be confirmed.  

 In preparation for the Monday conference call with DFO, The PEIFA LFA 24 & 26A Chairs/Co-chairs will be in discussion ahead of the Monday call.  They will review conditions to-date on Thursday (April 23rd) afternoon and decide whether a broader conference call with each of their Lobster Advisory Committees will be needed.   

DFO will be making the final decision on opening date.  

If you have any questions on the current plan in terms of discussions on the opening, contact the PEIFA's Laura Ramsay, Craig Avery (President), Jamie Gauthier (Chair LFA 24) or Bobby Jenkins (LFA 26A) or your local Lobster Advisory representative.  


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