·       Surveys were scrutinized by 8 volunteers on April 1st, 2021 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Charlottetown

·       205 returned surveys out of 341 total commercial tuna license holders.  This equates to a 60.1 % return rate.

·       152 selected (74.2%) Option A:  Continue the 2020 management plan (rotating list) with some modification

·       53 selected (25.8%) Option B: Move towards some form of semi-competitive fishery (that could involve multiple openings)

·       Many comments were submitted and these were recorded and shared with the Tuna Advisory Reps for further discussion and consideration of the 2021 management plan recommendations.


The PEIFA Tuna Advisory Committee will move forward with Option A based on the results of the survey.  Management plan recommendations will be submitted to Department of Fisheries & Oceans for consideration and final approval. 

The Committee would like to thank all those who submitted their feedback and appreciate their input in this process.