This year the PEIFA held sentinel registration with a draw taking place on June 22nd. There were participants drawn for 4 sites, and those winners have been contacted.

The Alberton site had no eligible participants register therefore we are re-opening registration from Wednesday, June 24th to Noon, Friday, June 26th 2020 for the ALBERTON (301 & 302) sites ONLY!

* Fishers who previously participated in Sentinel Fishery ARE NOW eligible in this registration!

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Re-opening of 2020 SENTINEL DRAW for ALBERTON sites ONLY: 

The PEI Fishermen’s Association will hold a Registration & Draw for fishers who wish to participate in the Fixed Gear Sentinel Groundfish Survey for 2020 in the Alberton Site only.  PEI Independent Core fishers in possession of a valid groundfish license may apply.  Participating fishers must be able to demonstrate experience in the groundfish longline gear fishery.  Fishers who participated in Sentinel Fishery in previous years, WIL BE eligible to register for this registration.


Registration Dates/Times:    Weds, June 24th to Noon, Friday, June 26th, 2020

Fee:                                         $50.00 including HST

Payment Method:                 Payments by Credit card accepted, contact the PEIFA office to make the payment.

How to Register:                   By phoning the PEIFA. Fishers can register and pay online by contacting the PEIFA office. 

Required Information:         Captain’s name, phone #, Groundfish license #, email address


The Draw will be held 12PM Noon, June 26th after the completion of the Registration. 


The anticipated project timeline will begin July 6th to October 31st, 2020.  The total number of days fishing will be eight (8).  Fishing must begin in July and 2 trips per month required (July, August, September and October); this is in order to obtain consistent data throughout the season.  The maximum number of days that you can fish in one week is two (2).  A minimum of 1250 hooks (size 12 circle - 1 fathom apart) and maximum of 2500 hooks will be used (divided equally between two sites).  All Atlantic Halibut must be returned to the water.  At-Sea-Observers must be on the vessels whenever the gear is fished (fish onboard the vessels).  Observers are not required during the setting of the gear provided that no fish are being brought aboard. Pre-existing sites set out by DFO must be used. 


For more details on survey requirements or registration, visit www.peifa.org or contact the PEIFA Office at (902) 566-4050.