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Following the DFO conference call with reps from PEI & GNS at 10am today (Monday, April 29th): and due to the unfavorable weather forecasted, DFO has decided to further delay the opening of the LFA 24 and 26A spring Lobster season.

For LFA 24, there will be another DFO conference call at 8AM, Tuesday morning, for a decision on opening on Weds, May 1st at the earliest.

For LFA 26A and 26B, there will be another DFO Conference call at 3:30PM on Tuesday afternoon, for a decision on opening on Thursday, May 2nd at the earliest.

A DFO Notice to Fishers will be issued shortly confirming this information. Both LFA 24 and LFA 26A PEI will be holding full Advisory Committee weather calls ahead of the DFO call.

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