Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Assoc.


Feb 10 - ROC M (1 Day radio)
Feb 13 - MBFA (First aid)
Feb 18 - MAFA (Advanced first aid)
Feb 25 - ROC M (1 Day radio)
Feb 26 - MED A1
Mar 10 - ROC MC (4 Day radio)
Mar 13 - MBFA (First aid)
Mar 17 - MAFA (Advanced first aid)
Mar 25 - ROC M (1 Day radio)
Apr 3 - MBFA (First aid)
Mar 8 - ROC M (1 Day radio)
Mar 14 - MED A1
Mar 22 - MAFA (Advanced first aid)
Mar 29 - ROC M (1 Day radio)

*All the above listed courses will be held at the Summerside Marine Training Centre.
However, if there is a minimum number of 10 people who wish to have it at another designated location, that can be arranged.

** NEW ** All fishers are required to pay a deposit to ensure their seat in the course and also to limit the number of cancellations

Contact Melissa Pitre, Coordinator, at 882-3365, 206-0567 or email:

“Funded in whole or in part by the Labour Market Development Agreement”

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